… by popular demand!!!

Repaint Tomorrow is being released in a special edition vinyl format! it contains the same track listing as the CD but will be spread across jaw-dropping, mind-warping, sense-bending orange vinyl! you can get it here now!

I had a lot of fun working with my dude merdan taplak on join the circle. you should check out this remix video. if you pay attention to the lyrics, the video nails the whole concept of the song. it only contains the 1st verse so you might want to check the original if you want that full lyrical content BANG!

Rapture Kontrolle has been smackin’ brains worldwide. it’s available digitally (internationally @ your favorite online shops) and in limited edition CD and vinyl formats from the land of the rising sun! you can get them here. maurice sends his humblest galactic regards. the feedback has been awesome.

big shouts to sonic brown, pase rock, taku, tribe and miss molinari.

there are some more nice things underway so stay tuned!
keep your ears and minds open. i’ll be back with more soon.